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zSmart products allows you to control electronic devices with the use Bluetooth® wireless technology. Because it works across Smartphone Platforms, you can change your phone brand or plan and know that our products will not become obsolete. With our unique and innovative designs, controlling electronics is as simple as touching a button on your phone!


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Our innovative technology is now available for licensing. Learn more how to integrate our technology into your product.


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What clients say

We used our zSmart Cord during the holiday season to control lights and decorations. It was great and much easier then dealing with plugs. quote-right
                                 GP - Chicago, IL

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Button Button




New Mood LED Bulb



  • Industry Standard
  • Secure
  • Easy to Pair

Suggested Uses

  • Aquariums, Water-Fountains...
  • Nigh Lights, Desk Lamps, Fans...
  • Christmas Treas, Decorations...

Industry Standard

Bluetooth® is a wireless technology industry standard for exchanging data over short distances from desktop and mobile devices, creating personal area networks with high levels of security.



3 Feet in length

  • 120v / 10 amp / 1200 watts
  • Bluetooth wireless range of up to 30 feet
  • Does not require line of site



Grounded plug

  • FCC ID: A4B-ZC30
  • of some important content
  • which is in the third tab



Bluetooth compliant

  • Patent pending
  • 3' Electrical extension cord
  • 3 Prong Plug and Outlet

SmartCord App

Product No 2

We offer two apps to control our The SmartCord product. Please visit following for more info and download instructions.

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Mood LED App

Product No 2

Available April 2013

Bluetooth 4.0

As we move forward, our focus will be on Bluetooth 4.0, incorporating the use of data commands that do not require the use of the Audio stream.

This will be seen when we release the Mood LED APP for the various platforms.

Will Arnold Goetzke's Smart Cord save the US economy?

Arnold Goetzke has a simple idea. And if you pause long enough to talk to him, he'll tell you about it. The idea is this: an extension cord you can control from your phone. Simple as that. Maybe you're sitting in your chair and you want to impress your girlfriend: out comes your phone and on comes the mood lighting. Or you've got it hooked up to your Christmas tree and you let your kids press the button that makes it all light up.

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A little gallery

Smart Cord may be the simplest app on the store, it's an on/off switch

Bombarded by CES news? This won't take long to read. The Smart Cord app is basically just one button, designed to control a simple but clever Bluetooth power cord. If you have an outdoor fountain that you like to turn off at night, or anything that needs a remote-controlled on/off switch, Smart Cord is actually pretty neat.Read More

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